Household Batteries

Waste Household Battery Recycling & Disposal

Are you a producer of waste household batteries and are looking for an efficient and compliant solution to recycle these?

Household batteries typically fall under the classification of portable batteries and, as such, the same legislation applies.

The UK has a target of 45% of portable batteries placed on the market to be recycled, and PBR are here to help support you and ensure you are able to easily and efficiently recycle and contribute towards an increased percentage being disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

If you are looking to dispose of waste household batteries as an individual, however, we recommend that you speak with your local council or visit larger retail stores who supply batteries.

If, however, you are a business who distributes or produces large volumes of household batteries, we are here to offer a compliant solution to allow your customers to recycle.

A compliant and effective solution for household battery recycling

PBR offer a compliant solution for household battery recycling, offering nationwide collection from weights of just 100kg.

We’ll work with you to ensure that the recycling of household batteries doesn’t become a complex task and that you’re confident you’re working with the right service provider to advise as well as to handle collection through to recycling on your behalf.

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From collection through to storage, recycling and disposal, when you use PBR, it’s quick and easy to dispose of your waste batteries, giving you peace of mind than you’re fully compliant in the process.