Battery Collection

Nationwide Waste Battery Collection Services

PBR can provide compliant, nationwide waste battery collection services for businesses across the whole of the UK.

Batteries are classified as hazardous waste and, as such, must be disposed of and recycled in the correct way, and legislation is in place to ensure that these do not end up in landfill or are incinerated, as well ensuring that evidence notes are issued.

Our specialists are here to ensure that the collection, recycling and disposal of waste batteries from your business is fully compliant with legislation and that you’re able to benefit from an efficient service with a low minimum collection weight of just 100kg.

Are you looking for a specialist battery collection service?

There is a legal requirement which ensures that producers of waste batteries must recycle and dispose of their batteries in the right way and our goal is to make the whole process as simple and straightforward as possible for you.

Our team have more than 40 years experience in processing waste batteries and aim to bring the high recycling rates seen for lead acid batteries to other battery sectors.

With a specialist focus on portable batteries, it’s quick and simple to arrange a collection from PBR and our team will take care of everything to ensure you’re fully compliant and are supplied with all of the correct paperwork and compliance reports.

We offer collections from just 100kg, unlike many other similar services in the UK where the minimum is 1000kg. This is part of our commitment to making it easier and simpler for waste battery producers to ensure they’re compliant at all times and are able to have regular collections.

Quick & Convenient Nationwide Waste Battery Collection

We are able to organise quick and convenient collections for batteries across all classifications and place a special focus upon the compliant collection, recycling and disposal of portable batteries.

From portable batteries found in power tools, mobile phones and burglar alarms through to automotive and industrial batteries, we welcome you to get in touch to discuss your requirements and for any help needed in classifying the type of batteries which you need to dispose of.

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From collection through to storage, recycling and disposal, when you use PBR, it’s quick and easy to dispose of your waste batteries, giving you peace of mind than you’re fully compliant in the process.