Compliance Reports

Waste Battery Compliance Reports

PBR can help to ensure you are compliant with legislation for the storage, recycling and disposal of waste batteries.

If your business manufactures or imports batteries or products that contain batteries it is important that you comply with the Waste Batteries Regulations and, under these, will classify as a “producer”. Aside from this, businesses who are responsible for the sale of quantities greater than 32kg of batteries each year to end users per year (excluding those within equipment) are also under an obligation to be compliant and will be classed as “distributors”.

Non-compliance can result in unlimited fines or imprisonment of up to 2 years.

Choose PBR For Compliant Services

As a producer of waste batteries, it is important that you work with the right provider of recycling and disposal services, one who can also provide waste battery compliance reports.

PBR are the UK’s only specialist portable battery recycler, with an aim to transform the way portable batteries are collected and recycled across the UK, whilst providing the most competitive and compliant collection service.

It is our responsibility to provide evidence notes for all portable batteries to ensure you remain compliant and send reports known as waste data returns, which break down the quantity and chemistry of each type of waste battery accepted for treatment and recycling.

For portable batteries, quarterly NPWD reports must be submitted by the last day of April, July, October and January and, for waste industrial and automotive batteries, NPWD reports must be submitted annually by 31st January.

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From collection through to storage, recycling and disposal, when you use PBR, it’s quick and easy to dispose of your waste batteries, giving you peace of mind than you’re fully compliant in the process.