Battery Storage

Nationwide Waste Battery Storage Services

PBR can provide compliant waste battery storage services for businesses across the whole of the UK.

Waste batteries are classed as Hazardous Waste and, as such, there is a requirement for these to be correctly stored in order to comply with Environmental and Duty of Care legislation.

When disposing of batteries, it is the duty of the waste producer to ensure the correct storage and, here at PBR, we are here to work with you to advise on all areas of the process and ensure you remain compliant at all times.

Compliant Waste Battery Storage Services

It is important that you know what types of batteries you are disposing of, against the three classifications of automotive, industrial and portable, and take the correct action to ensure the correct storage when classed as waste/

Waste batteries should always be stored in special containers, and you should always use a specialist battery recycling and disposal service (such as the one offered by ourselves) to ensure you’re compliant.

When you choose PBR for battery collection and recycling, you can be sure of the best advice surrounding storage before collection and also that, once in our hands, all storage will be fully compliant with up to date legislation.

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From collection through to storage, recycling and disposal, when you use PBR, it’s quick and easy to dispose of your waste batteries, giving you peace of mind than you’re fully compliant in the process.